One Week Edge Program --Suitable for Grade 9-11

The aim of this course is to enhance the knowledge of physics by forming thorough understanding of key concepts which are not studied deeply at school.  Great for students looking for the "missing puzzles--Physic Edge" to help them excel in their school physic course.  

10 activities will be introduced in this course.  From Silicon Walley, Discovering Formula, Sliding lights, Actions and consequences, Nutcracker and door handle, wave battle on how interference of electromagnetic waves and its significance in our daily lives.  Physics can be fascinating with a head start!  Get an edge on the first holiday of the year! 

This one-week summer program is designed for teens interested in receiving tutoring as preparation for physic courses on GCSE-o-level and high school Physics. 

A Girl Looking at a Pendulum Model
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Meet our Creative educator 


Yerden Serikbayev

M.S in Physics., Bachelor in Chemical Engineering and Physics

  • NAO High School Science Teacher (Chemistry and Physics)

  • Physics olympiad training of 7-11th grades 

  • Expertise of UNT testing in National Testing Center Olympiad coordination of the high school 

  • Co-founding of Regional School of Olympiс reserve Co-edition of bilingual science textbooks in Astana Kitap Publishing